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About Me:

Hello, my name is Mindy and some of you may know me. For the ones who don't, let me tell you a little bit about myself. With over 11 years of experience photographing people, to say that I live and breathe photography would be an understatement. I cannot imagine doing anything else. It's who I am and my true passion in life. I absolutely love everything about it. I started taking pictures of my family 12 years ago and I haven’t put my camera down since. Now I feel so honored to be photographing weddings and helping couples document their special day.

We go above & beyond for our clients, some have turned into lifelong friends. We love the excitement of the day. We try and make your day go as smooth as possible. I have an awesome team, most have been with me for years! “My goal is to make every client feel celebrated." I would love to share my passion of photography with you by capturing your life’s special moments. Your wedding is a special event in your life and you don’t want to forget all the details and excitement that surrounded the day.

Family portraits are also a great way to preserve the love of your family. Our lives are always changing and the people in them are growing and changing everyday. Your children seem to grow overnight and getting those candid moments and funny faces on film are the only way to ensure your memories won't fade.

For whatever occasion or moment in your life, I’d like to help capture it for you through photography & videography. It is my pleasure to be behind the camera lens as your life unfolds. Your welcome to message me at anytime! Can't wait to meet you :)



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